Winner! 2016 Best Places to Work in Indiana

Guidon Design Inc. is pleased to announce that in our first year applying for the Best Places to Work in Indiana, we have won! Best Places to Work in Indiana is an annual ranking published by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to honor companies that create a positive work culture. Out of the 200 companies that applied nearly half were in our Small Business Category. We are proud to live in a State that promotes such healthy small business growth.

Best Places to Work in Indiana 2016

Best Places to Work in Indiana 2016

What This Means To Us

To the leadership at Guidon Design, winning the Best Places to Work in Indiana means that our company is exceeding the expectations of our employees. While helping clients achieve their goals is always satisfying, having the people you work with on a daily basis say that they are confident with how the company is growing is rewarding in its own right. We look forward to seeing the responses from the blind surveys to see how we can improve and better help employees achieve their goals.

Company Culture

Guidon Design has a unique culture that has grown alongside our staff into a dynamic, collaborative and fun place to work. Our staff loves the focus on sustainability in our projects and the office environment. They also have a sense of pride knowing that they are designing projects that will help people achieve their goals through an environmentally conscious process.
Unity is a key component in our culture. We have weekly meetings with our entire staff, a Family Day, and an amazing Holiday Party at the end of the year. Once a year we also have a Team Building Event that brings together everyone to solve problems together and build on the strengths that we might not get to see in the office environment.


Our environmentally friendly mindset is hardwired into the company culture. Guidon Design is a Sustainable Architecture + Engineering Firm, this means that we utilize sustainable practices as much as possible throughout our office as well as in our projects. This mentality is carried throughout our office where we utilize “green” practices from things as simple as recycling and being as paperless as possible. Our employees will tell you that this mentality is carried through to their home life – a large portion of our staff actively recycle and promote environmental awareness.

What Our Employees Have to Say About Us

“Guidon Design allows its employees to grow in areas where, I feel, other employers tend to try to contain an employee to their specific job. We are actively encouraged to collaborate with each other on projects and to develop our professional skills outside our discipline. Our projects are as diverse as our people and it really makes for a great work environment.”
(Adam O., Architect)

“Guidon Design is one of the best places to work because we have a group of very talented individuals who work as a team. We are always challenging each other on a creative level to deliver a great product for our client. Our management team is very involved and focused on the success of the company and its employees, and is transparent with the company’s goals and where we stand in achieving them.”
(Tara C., Interior Designer)