YMCA Wellness Center

Hendricks Regional Health, Avon, IN


This facility was designed as a completely integrated medical office and wellness center. The facility includes an indoor aquatic center, gymnasium, aerobics center, wellness center, fitness gym, two basketball gyms, teen center, child watch center, business offices, locker rooms, and café. The medical components of the facility included cardiac rehab, sports medicine, physical therapy gym, radiology/lab, spa, weight loss, retail spaces, and an full radiology suite. These spaces are carefully laid out to complement the adjacent wellness areas and enable a better utilized space, economical for both the hospital and the YMCA.

The healthcare aspects of the facility were designed to meet Joint Commission and State Dept of Health requirements.  These included close consideration of CMS rules for the cardiac rehab suite.  Numerous user group meetings and staff shadowing were performed to match the design to each provider’s expectations.  The radiology suite includes X-Ray, MRI and future fit-out of a CT room. Spacious waiting areas were provided to accommodate a range of patient needs and expectations.

Sustainable building strategies for the Hendricks Regional Health facility include a building sited to maximize natural day lighting, high-performance windows and sun shading, low VOC selected materials, and white TPO roofing membrane.

*This project was designed by Guidon Design staff while employed at American Structurepoint Inc.