Lot 4 + Lot 7 Garage

Department of Veterans Affairs, Milwaukee, WI

The Lot 4 Garage accommodates 450 parking stalls and will have a future expansion potential of up to 1,350 stalls. The structure consists of 4 supported levels. The parking structure is handicap accessible, and will include provisions for a future enclosed pedestrian bridge connecting to the Main Hospital. Close coordination was required to address the tight healthcare campus, poor soil conditions, and accelerated design timeline. Construction Cost: $7.8M

The Lot 7 Garage is a precast concrete structure consisting of 4 supported levels and accommodating 397 parking stalls. The project is located in the sight lines of a National Historic Landmark District and required close coordination with the VA, SHPO and NHLD. The site design included in-depth traffic studies to improve future campus flow, allow enhanced access to load docks, and segregate staff members from veteran/visitor traffic. The project required coordination with other VA construction projects including the Lot #4 Parking Garage.  Construction Cost: $8M