Julia M. Carson Transit Center

IndyGo, Indianapolis, IN

The Julia M Carson Transit Center is the hub for Indianapolis transportation and a signature project in the renaissance of downtown Indy. IndyGo set a target of LEED Silver Certification for the project and directed the team to design a high performing site. Guidon Design provided civil engineering and sustainability consulting for the site.

The site contains many LID features. The transit center has a weather responsive irrigation system to prevent over irrigation and wasteful use of potable water on the site. Native plants have been incorporated into stormwater planters and throughout the site landscaping. Rainwater that is captured on the site either collects in stormwater planters or drains through pervious pavers. Both of these elements connect to underground storage chambers that capture and infiltrate nearly 100% of the rainwater back into the groundwater table. The site is approximately 1.9 acres located on a prominent dense downtown intersection. Extensive site utility coordination as well as existing demolition was required. This $17M project is the main Intermodal Transportation mass transit hub, providing services to a city of approximately 1 million residents.