Assessment + Intervention Center


The Assessment & Intervention Center (AIC) provides shelter, case management, basic physical and mental health assessments, and housing referrals to individuals at risk for homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse, or mental illness. The center provides a safe place for individuals experiencing crisis or intoxication to be move from a jail or emergency room to the AIC in coordination with the Indianapolis Criminal Justice Center, Indy PD MCAT, and community stakeholders. The AIC is equipped to perform minor medical support by working through their immediate needs. Eskenazi Health provides trained counselors and caregivers to support the AIC.

The AIC offers critical care, treatment, and rehabilitation services to the residents of Indianapolis.  Through the AIC, individuals caught in the viscous cycle of addiction can find quality care and avoid congested jail systems.  The facility will support the city’s most vulnerable residents struggling with mental illness, homelessness, and substance abuse issues.

The center provides a stable environment for residents to be assessed, connect with appropriate recovery services, and begin detoxification. The AIC works closely with community partners to coordinate a successful transition to permanent supportive housing and/or placement into clinical or outpatient treatment for long-term rehabilitation. The facility will play a crucial role in Indianapolis’ widespread effort to revamp the city’s criminal justice system.