Guidon Design’s Headquarters Receive Monumental Awards

Monumental Awards, as won by Guidon Design for our HQ in Indianapolis.

Guidon Design’s new headquarters at 905 N Capitol Avenue received Monumental Merit Awards this year for both Innovative Reuse and Interior Design. The 905 N Capitol building is home to both Guidon Design and a mechanical equipment firm, contributing to the establishment of a distinct design district on the Capitol Corridor. The dramatic improvement of a blighted industrial building is the outward display of a community that supports sustainable development and commitment to environmental responsibility.

905 N Capitol Avenue contributes to the rebirth of the Capitol Avenue Corridor in an area near the Cultural Trail experiencing robust building activity. The renovation is a welcome exchange for the blighted warehouse that for years spoke of the area’s industrial past. The project totally replaced the front facade with a bold design, featuring a canted red wall jutting out from the aluminum exterior. Now, 905 N Capitol provides a striking pop of color reaching for the busy city street and welcoming travelers heading toward the Cultural Trail and Downtown. The project extends the walkable community within 300’ of the Cultural Trail and Bike Share station.

Behind the striking appearance of 905 N Capitol are two tenant spaces featuring modern design and open layouts. Both sides were designed to promote a collaborative work atmosphere. Bright colors accent the open office spaces. Every single seat has directly visibility to the outdoors as well as ample daylight through high-bay clear story windows. Disciplines are intermingled with junior and senior staff co-located within work pods to promote mutual learning.

Monumental Awards, as won by Guidon Design for our HQ in Indianapolis.A series of seven pods are organized along a large radius curve, providing a distinct circulation path. Private, small, and medium collaboration rooms are located toward the public side of the office. A large library/meeting space closes out the office. This space includes flexible seating, repurposed stadium seating from Bush Stadium, and library casework. Separating the Library from the shared kitchen is an interior glass garage door, which reduces noise while maintaining the open atmosphere.

The renovation of this 11,000 sf space began with a vision of sustainable workplace. Designed to LEED Silver standards, the building features cutting edge energy efficient HVAC systems, integrated daylight harvesting, and a dashboard energy tracking system. The building’s mechanical system is unique, incorporating the latest in energy efficient, low maintenance, sustainable design. The interior core is conditioned by a water-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. The perimeter and conference rooms leverage an Active Chilled Beam system, which reduces airflow by 77% (compared to typical systems), resulting in astounding energy savings. An active energy dashboard system manages the HVAC, lighting and security systems, giving both owners real-time and historic data to track and document energy performance.Monumental Awards, as won by Guidon Design for our HQ in Indianapolis.

To minimize initial construction costs, as much of the existing building shell was maintained as possible. Concrete floors were repurposed and sealed in all circulation and shared areas. A mutually shared break room and toilet/shower rooms allow for privacy and reduced space needs, developing a sense of building community. Over 90% of the exterior and structure was reused. The wood trusses were left exposed along with new white faced insulation, leaving a 14’ high ceiling. A metal panel and curtainwall envelope was installed at the front of the building. A full-height glass wall at the reception/waiting area creates a strong visual aesthetic. High clerestory windows with a light shelf create a bright daylit interior space.