Focus on Behavioral Health Projects

Guidon Design Inc. has been working on a wide range of behavioral health projects for its healthcare clients. Delivery of healthcare today has demonstrated a growing need for a range of these services, previously referred to as mental health services. Guidon Design has answered this need with our staff’s expertise in patient centered care spaces. Nowhere has this been more prevalent than in the area of veterans focused care, another specialty for Guidon Design.

A long-term stay facility designed for behavioral health treatment, Clarksburg, West Virginia.

In Nashville, Tennessee our staff is working to develop a new outpatient and inpatient suite within a major hospital. Utilizing evidence-based design research and Planetree strategies, the new care suite is intended to provide a high level of compassion and care for patients.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin a major hospital has been working to expand its behavioral care services through repurposing a medical office building. Guidon Design’s team has been working to redevelop the building to be a hub for a full range behavioral health services, including an expanded patient waiting area, new dedicated entry, group meeting rooms, public amenities, and improved circulation.

Guidon Design as the architect is also looking forward to the construction of a long-term substance-abuse care facility in Clarksburg, West Virginia. This holistic care model provides a 30 day treatment for patients in an immersive setting.

In each one of these projects, specific design requirements are imperative to provide care and compassion glittering safe and reliable environment for the patients and the staff. Guidon Design looks to expand its expertise on each project and grow in our ability to provide exceptional facilities for clients.