New Indianapolis Public Library Branch Seeks LEED Silver Certification

The Indianapolis Public Library is building a new stand-alone branch, designed to conserve energy and resources, at the intersection of 62nd Street and Michigan Road, next to Bethesda Temple Apostolic Church. The residents of the Crooked Creek Neighborhood are excited about the new library branch. In community engagement meetings, the residents expressed their opinions on the site and landscaping, building design, and sustainability. The community responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback and offered suggestions including, but not limited to neighborhood connectivity, preservation of existing trees, and renewable energy. The library design team answered the community with a 100 seat community meeting room, multi-use open spaces, a computer lab, and energy efficient planning.

The project is targeting a LEED Silver Certification under the LEEDv4 rating system. The project was kicked off with an integrative process workshop which included design team members and library representatives. The charrette was held before conceptual design to identify the projects goals and sustainability priorities which included energy efficiency, programming flexibility, low-operational maintenance, daylighting, accessibility, and a healthy interior environment. As the design progresses these priorities are guiding the pursuit of LEED credits. The team is working with Indianapolis Power and Light to be reimbursed for energy efficiency strategies under the 2017 IPL Business Energy Incentive Program.

New Indianapolis Public Library Branch Seeks LEED Silver Certification

Groundbreaking on November 3, 2017

The groundbreaking of the Michigan Road Library took place in early November. The branch is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018.