905 N Capitol Office

Indianapolis, IN

Guidon Design provided Architecture, Civil and Structural design for the new 905 N. Capitol building. Our staff worked closely with the owner and contractor on renovation of this 11,000ft2 space. The original pre-engineered building was an uninsulated warehouse, and was fully renovated into a high-performance office.

To be cost effective, the team decided to maintain as much of the existing building shell as possible. This required a unique floor-supported structural system for the building interior. The front façade was totally replaced, creating a dynamic building front along a prominent city street. The building is a high-performing structure featuring a chilled beam and VRF HVAC system, energy efficient lighting, extensive daylighting, and dashboard energy tracking system. Over 90% of the building exterior was reused. The building was design to LEED®Silver standards, but was not submitted to be certified. The overall construction cost was approximately $1.1mil.

The rehabilitation of 905 N Capitol Avenue was the recipient of 2014 Monumental Merit Awards for Innovative Reuse and Interior Design.